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5th Steering Committee Meeting of the USOP Project Held!

The 5th USOP Steering Committee meeting was held in Ankara on March 31, 2022.

The meeting was attended by Nedim Yeşil, Head of Department; Laurent Guirkinger, Deputy Head of Economic and Social Development at European Union Delegation to Turkey; Göktuğ Kara, Transport Policy and Climate Change Team Coordinator at EU Delegation to Turkey; Oya Sözeren; Unit head of EU Investment Department and Contact Manager; project assistants and experts of our Technical Asisstance Project ; Serdar Dinler, ICE WE Representative,. Key Expert 2 – Igor Burazin, Tender and Project Management Expert attended the meeting online.

After Mr. After Nedim Yeşil opened the meeting, Mrs. Tatjana Arsova, Team Leader of the Technical Assistance Project, took the floor and provided information on the progress made in the project, and expressed her satisfaction with the advancement of the project and her wishes for the continuation of the harmonious work. Under the theme of visibility and promotion activities, Mrs. Işın Gürel, Information and Communication Key Expert shared the project’s achievements and the planning for the next six months. Mrs. Gürel underlined the success of the campaigns launched for the career fairs held in March.

Attending the meeting online, Key Expert 2 – Mr. Igor Burazin, Tender and Project Management Expert indicated that the component he is responsible of is being successfully implemented, and that he is pleased with the close cooperation and positive relations with the beneficiary institution throughout the project. Afterwards, Mr. Oğuzhan Yılmaz delivered a presentation on the use of resources.

The 5th Steering Committee Meeting was closed with the wishes for the continued harmonious implementation of the project.