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Tasks And Responsibilities On The Basis of Units:

  • Preparing, monitoring and evaluating the Transport (Sector) Operational Programme,
  • Identifying the project selection criteria and selecting the projects that are adequate to the Programme content,
  • Conducting the preparatory works of the Sectoral Monitoring Committee,
  • Preparing the “Annual Work Plans” and “Annual Implementation Reports”,
  • Preparing and submitting the ''Sectoral Annual and Final Implementation Reports”,
  • Coordinating the final activities of the programme,

  • Preparing and revising the procurement plan,
  • Preparing the invitations for the preliminary qualification phase and the tendering phase and submitting them for the preliminary approval of the EU Delegation,
  •  Preparing the tender dossier and submitting it for the preliminary approval of the EU Delegation,
  • Designating members of the Tender Evaluation Committee and managing the evaluation process,
  • Preparing tender evaluation reports and submitting them for the preliminary approval of the EU Delegation,
  • Participating in the preparation of tender documents,
  • Informing the companies that secured the tender, and those that did not,
  • Preparing the contract and having it signed.
  • Ensuring coordination between our Ministry, the Beneficiary Institution, the Contractor, the Supervisor and the EU Delegation during the implementation of contracts, 
  • Participating in reunions related to projects (Quarterly Steering Committee, monthly progress reunion, etc.), 
  • Conducting approval processes in the framework of the contract (expert approvals, time sheets, approvals concerning weekend work, etc.),
  • Preparing the annual visit plan, implementing it and preparing reports,
  • Contributing to the preparation of the payment estimates by the Financial Management Unit,
  • Evaluating and coordinating the claims,
  • Conducting the risk assessment works at the project level,
  • Preparing addenda and submitting them for approval.

  • Preparing the Fund Absorption Plans,
  • Examining the progress payment requests and realising the payments,
  • Making the Fund requests from the National Fund (NF),
  • Preparing the Expenditure Declaration and submitting it to the National Authorising Officer (NAO),
  • Preparing the monthly Financial Reports and submitting them to the National Authorising Officer (NAO),
  • Keeping the accounting records with regards to the realised payments,
  • Preparing the Monthly, Quarterly and Annual Accounting Reports and submitting them to the National Fund,
  • Evaluating and coordinating the claims.

  • Managing the accreditation process,
  • Realising risk management activities,
  • Keeping records of eliminated projects and reporting them,
  • Reporting irregularities through the officer responsible,
  • Coordinating the preparation and revision of the Programme Implementation Guidance,
  • Making the quality controls for the OIS and MPAF documents,
  • Making quality control for tender documents,
  • Making quality control for contract addenda,
  • Preparing and coordinating the Annual Assurance Statement,
  • Coordinating and following-up audit activities between units,
  • Preparing monthly activity reports.

  • Carrying out human resources activities of the unit,
  • Preparation of Operation Identification Sheets and Terms of Reference documents regarding the activities which are stated in the Action 5 Technical Assistance of Sectoral Operational Programme and coordinating and monitoring these projects,
  • Managing  the publicity activities of the Programme and social media accounts, preparation, revision and implementation of Communication Action Plan,
  • Management of Direct Expenditure Plan under Technical Assistance Action 5 of SOPT.