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Head of EUID

Head of Department for EU Investments Tijen İĞCİ (Ph.D)

Tijen İğci (Ph.D) graduated from Ankara University, Faculty of Political Sciences, Department of International Relations in 2002 as the first of the department and faculty. She received his master's degree from Ankara University Graduate Scool of Social Sciences in 2015 with her thesis titled ‘Possible Effects of the European Union and Turkish Climate Change Policies on the      Industrial Sector: An Assessment in terms of Costs and Competitiveness’. She completed his PhD in 2022 with his thesis on ‘Climate Ethics, Sustainability and Aviation’ at Ankara University Graduate School of Social Sciences, Department of Social Environmental Sciences.

Between 2003 and 2006, she served as Assistant Rapporteur at the Prime Ministry Undersecretariat of Foreign Trade, Central Anatolian Exporters' Unions General Secretariat. Between 2006 and 2011, as a European Union Expert at the Ministry of Industry and Trade, she gained expertise in the EU Acquis on ‘Environment’ (particularly climate change, air quality, environmental management and audit system (EMAS), chemicals (REACH) and industrial pollution (IPPC)). She, as the Ministry's Climate Change Working Group coordinator, participated in the UN climate change negotiations as the Country’s representative. As European Union Affairs Expert at the Ministry for European Union Affairs, where she started to work in 2011, she worked under the Financial Cooperation Directorate until 2016. She conducted studies on planning, programming, implementation, monitoring and evaluation under IPA Component II – Cross Border Cooperation, in particular Cross Border Cooperation at the Black Sea Basin and Bulgaria-Turkey IPA Cross Border Cooperation programmes. She also performed supervision of all tasks related to IPA Multi-beneficiary Programme.  She took part in the evaluation of the project proposals submitted within the scope of various EU-funded grant programs (Civil Society Dialogue-IV Environment Grant Program and Bulgaria-Turkey IPA Cross-Border Cooperation Programme). In the institution, which was structured as the Directorate for European Union Affairs of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, until July 2022, in the Department of Sectoral Policies, she performed activities related to the ‘Chapter 27. Environment and Climate Change’ within the framework of Turkey-EU accession negotiations, the sub-sectors of ‘Nature Protection’, ‘Waste Management’ and ‘Climate Change’. Within the scope of the ‘Chapter 14. Transport Policy’, she coordinated the sub-sectors of ‘Aviation’ and ‘Maritime Transport’.

İğci, who speaks English very fluently and has several articles on climate change published in a number of journals, was born in Trabzon in 1979. She is married with one child.