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Rehabilitation and Reconstruction of Köseköy-Gebze Section of the Ankara-İstanbul High Speed Train Project

*Lastly updated on 13.07.2020.

Scope of the Project Work: The Köseköy-Gebze railway line is approximately 56 kilometres long. It is a double line and forms one of the high intensity Ankara-Istanbul high-speed railway line sections. The infrastructure and superstructure of the line will be constructed under the project and its electrification, signalization and telecommunication systems were be completed.

The line became operational in July 2014 and the Ankara-Istanbul High Speed Train continues working to the satisfaction of passengers.



Project Name: Rehabilitation and Reconstruction of Köseköy-Gebze Section of Ankara-Istanbul High Speed Railway Line

Financial Contribution of the EU: 136 Million Euros

Total Project Amount: 212,2 Million Euros

Beneficiary Institution: General Directorate of Turkish State Railways



Contractor Company: Salini Costruttori S.p.A. - Kolin İnşaat Turizm Sanayi ve Ticaret A.Ş. - G.C.F. Generale Costruzioni Ferroviarie S.p.A.

Date of the Contract: 14.10.2011

Starting Date of Work: 25.11.2011

Final Acceptance Date: 27.11.2019



Contractor Company: ILF Mühendislik ve Teknik Dan. Taah. Ve Ticaret Ltd. Şti., ILF Beratendelngenieure ZT GmbH, Obermeyer Planen Beraten GmbH, Optim Obermeyer Proje Tek. Bilgi İşlem Merk. A.Ş. and Neti Dan. İnşaat Ltd. Şti. Consortium

Date of the Contract: 31.10.2011

Starting Date of Work: 14.11.2011

Termination Date of the Contract: 30 November 2018



Operational Objective of the Line: Mass Passenger Transportation

Line Length: 56 Kilometres

Line Characteristics: Double Electrified Line, Tagged

Number of Stations: 19

Line Capacity: 60 Trains per Day

Operational Train Speed: 250 kilometres / Hour (Köseköy – Gebze maximum design speed 160 Kilometres / Hour)

* The information in the printed materials was lastly updated in 2017.