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The Sixth Project Steering Committee Meeting Was Held Within The Scope of Kocaeli Sustainable Urban Mobility Plan (Kocaeli Sump)

Within the scope of Kocaeli Sustainable Urban Mobility Plan, the Project Steering Committee met for the sixth time on 30 April 2024 in Kocaeli Congress Center.

The meeting was hosted by Ali Bilgi, Head of Transportation Department of Kocaeli Metropolitan Municipality and his team, with the participation of Tijen İğci (PhD), Head of EU Investments Department of the Ministry of Transport and Infrastructure, Adem Koç, Contract Manager, Alper Kaya, Publicity and Visibility Officer and Emrah Baltacı, Financial Management Expert on behalf of the Contracting Authority.

Ali Bilgi made the opening speech of the meeting and gave general information about the project process and progress. Then, on behalf of the Contractor EGIS & Boğaziçi Project consortium, Project Team Leader Philippe Calvie, Project Coordinator Melike Sarım Boynuyoğun and Finance Specialist  Jenny Salinas made presentations on the ongoing, completed and planned works together with general information about the project process.

In the presentation, the reports, trainings, visibility activities delivered within the scope of the completed studies were emphasised. At the same time, the details of the study visit to Lyon, France between 13-17 May were shared.

In addition, the actions defined within the scope of the ongoing Action Plan studies, the evaluations made to determine the priorities and the workshop planned on 24 May 2024 to receive stakeholders' contributions to the action plan were mentioned.

After all this information, Tijen İğci (PhD) expressed her gratitude by stating that all processes related to the project were completed on time, in accordance with the specifications and guidelines, and that the ongoing work is progressing in accordance with the schedule. Afterwards, she mentioned that the project is in its final months and is nearing its end, and closed the meeting by expressing her satisfaction with the successful progress of the project so far and that the project being an exemplary one throughout Türkiye.