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Advanced Negotiation Techniques Training Held in Ankara

"Advanced Negotiation Techniques Training" within the scope of "Strengthening the Transport Operating Structure and ERAs in IPA II (2014-2020) Period Project " was held on 7 March 2024 in Ankara with the participation of Tijen İğci (PhD), Head of the Department for EU Investments and the staff of the Department for EU Investments. The tutor was Assoc. Prof. Hakan Karabacak.

The aim of the full-day training was to contribute to the participants' ability to conduct constructive negotiations and resolve disputes permanently.

The training covered many topics such as negotiation approaches and types, Harvard Negotiation Model, approaches and attitudes in conflict management, the impact of psychological factors on negotiation processes, communication barriers, empathic communication and active listening, the importance of body language, the relevance of negotiation to communication and conflict management.

The training was successfully completed with group work and questions from the participants.