#USOPontheway School Publicity Campaign Travels All Around Türkiye! - - Sectoral Operational Programme For Transport
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#USOPontheway School Publicity Campaign Travels All Around Türkiye!

The Mobile Publicity Center, which carries out publicty and visibility activities within the scope of the  Sectoral Operational Programme for Transport (USOP) of the Ministry of Transport and Infrastructure, has been meeting with students in various cities of Türkiye since May 2022. The Mobile Publicity Center, which travels around with its slogan “#USOPOnTheWay”, ensures that primary, secondary and high school students, teachers and thus the parents of those students are aware of the important projects carried out in the transportation sector by our country with the European Union and the current developments in the transportation sector.


#USOPontheway informs the young people about the Sustainable Urban Mobility Plan (SUMP) projects, which are implemented to facilitate a competitive, accessible and sustainable transport system in our country at the level of European Union standards. #USOPOnTheWay also gives information on Çerkezköy - Kapıkule (ÇE-KA) project that will connect the Iron Silk Road to Europe via Türkiye and teach them why intelligent transportation systems have the concepts such as sustainability, accessibility, green public transportation and reducing carbon emissions.

The #USOPontheway school campaign has started in Ankara in May 2022 and continued with the schools in Tekirdağ in June. In September, with the start of the new academic year, our next stop was Izmir. As September was the European Mobility Week, The Mobility Center also participated in the "Pedal to School" event that was implemented within the framework of the Sustainable Urban Mobility Plan (SUMP). At the end of September and all through October, the base for the student informing campaign was first Kayseri and then Ankara.

Since the school campaign started, almost 10,000 students have been directly contacted and their questions answered for 12 weeks in total. Within the scope of the campaign, jigsaw puzzle, models of our #USOPOnTheWay Mobile Publicity Center and informative brochures were handled to students.